Edward S. Donini was sworn in, to his first Bar, in N. J., in 1978. He spent the first 4 years, of his legal career, as a State Prosecutor, State of N.J., prosecuting violent crimes, including murders, manslaughters, burglaries, armed robberies, drug distributions and organized crime. He also successfully prosecuted the second juvenile, prosecuted as an adult in the U.S., for attempted murder.

Mr. Donini has successfully represented Plantiffs in suits against virtually every national and state-located insurance company.  Attorney Donini has constantly maintained the rights of injured motorists against careless drivers who cause injuries and damages which change their lives.  In addition to the above injury cases, Mr. Donini has succesfully represented hundreds of seriously injured clients who slip and fall due to the negligence of various business owners.

Attorney Donini has also defended motorists, business owners and doctors, US Defense Counsel, successfully defending clients against claims of negligence, breach of contract, malpractice, and alleged violations of civil rights.  Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants, in all types of civil litigations, gives Mr. Donini a unique and complete perspective of each client's potential rights and cause of action.

Edward S. Donini also has extensive experience in real estate transactions and property litigation.

Mr. Doniniís most notable cases, which resulted in the promulgation of new laws, are published in multiple volumes of the Official Court Reports, in the United States.